About Us


Fired by entrepreneurial ambitions, after an extensive and distinguished career spanning nearly three decades with various industrial groups both in Hong Kong as well as overseas at all levels, this organization was founded in 2018 by Yam, an International chartered accountant and a consultant on the panel of World Bank and it’s affiliates. The organization has a vision to grow into a world-class trading organization so as to act in a proactive manner to the fast growing global market dynamics. Towards this end in view, the organization has structured its various resources internally and staffed the various business groups with competent, committed, qualified professionals who are well experienced in international trade export & import in their relevant areas. Besides it’s own staffing resources, it has entered into strategic alliance partnerships, in various countries for various products, with reputed concerns so as to provide synergistic support to it’s various customers and manufacturers in the world. To serve the customers in various countries cost effectively, the company has built up excellent working relationships with manufacturers and provides committed, efficient, timely, value-added reliable service for a low fee which is competitive. The organization is looking global and would like to enlarge its’ contacts with a view to be a dominant player in international trade and be a market leader in global markets. The company practices most appropriate style of management, and believes in empowering employees, open participation in business ideas and believes in value maximization and would like to build up long-term relationships with all concerned. It is the cherished desire of business owners that all associated would derive the best of their Endeavour’s through their association with the company.


To build up a centre of trading excellence in international trade and be a dominant player in international markets through proper structuring

Positioning, and add value constantly to all those associated with the company, be it manufacturers/sellers, customers, employees associates or others.


To Endeavour to provide qualitative products/services on par with the best in the world and win the satisfaction and gratitude and take pride in retaining customers’ loyalty always. This would mean maintaining very high internal standards at every stage/process and in documenting the transaction at all stages in a professional way.


Management Team Profile

YB Reshmi (Walter)

Founder & Chairman 

YB is an entrepreneur with many years of experience designing and concept developing to manufacture electronic components and Green Energy Plant. He began his career when he was a teenager by assisting in the design of electronic components for a Hong Kong production team, and studied various technical aspects of design with an eye on practicality.

With a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Survey Engineering and Business Management, YB first worked for various surveying companies before launching his own surveying company in Hong Kong. With his company Alternative Hong Kong Limited he employed over 40 personnel to undertake prestigious surveying projects such as Two IFC, East, West Railway Project, Tunneling Project, Housing Project, Hydrographic Survey Laying Pipeline Under the Sea, GPS Network Connection and Navigation System on the Marine Ship, Topographic Survey and Land escaping Project and the New Police Headquarter. He later formed Breakthrough International Limited a trading company which distributed and sold custom designed electronic watches throughout Asia.

In Breakthrough International Limited YB ran a successful operation at Breakthrough International Limited with a dedicated staff of 30 and a commission based sales force of 3,000 with annual turnover hitting US$10M. In year 2007 he turned his focus towards the eco-friendly LED industry with manufacturing partners across the border in mainland China, and growing markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. YB is an executive with a wide range of longstanding relationships throughout the technology industry. With a core focus on LED and solar energy systems, global sourcing and infrastructure,

Since 2008 YB has specialized in assisting leaders of building construction and high tech industries to increase their productivity, profitability, and earnings by creating leadership teams at both board and executive management levels.

“Technology, LED and solar energy has always been our area of expertise,” says YB, founder and CEO of YB Leadership, a Seizon International Limited “Along with global sourcing, trading, and professional services, discipline has been critical to the success of our business. Through our understanding of semi-conductor and overall technology, we’ve also been able to translate our expertise into green technologies.”

YB’s success in his field began with a 13 year focus on technology, then expanded into global sourcing of commodities such as minerals, scrap metals, and gemstones. Global sourcing has further lead YB into the trading of garments, computers, hardware and software with every continent on the globe.

YB credits his knowledge and understanding of people for his success in building talented teams within the technology industry. “The truth is, after 16 years in this industry, I know it takes the right team to succeed not only in the world of technology, but in business in general. One must know how to attract the right people.” YB says, “I’ve conducted hundreds of searches and interviews. It’s not just that I’ve got more knowledge about people, but it’s also the kind of knowledge that makes a difference in the selection of who should join a company.”