Green Power Plant


From our various experience and hard study and resource we are developing Green power plants to clean and environmental technologies, Golden Eagle Group is at the forefront of many major energy projects in the region. Our capabilities cover a wide range of energy efficient power generation options while our reputation for reliability and safety is a key competitive advantage in an industry that demands exceptionally high and exacting standards.

Rotating spindle of the vertical axis wind turbine is perpendicular to the ground. As it is not required to be windward when wind direction varies, not only has its structure been simplified, but wind energy consumption incurred in the case that the wind turbine rotates to  the windward side drops.

Reluctance-free generator is our patented invention. Structure of the generator has been modified to make non-metallic materials into the core of coil; besides, magnet and coil are rearranged to achieve the following purposes.

Eliminate eddy currents no more needed by the coil and the permanent magnet (referred to as reluctance free);

Maximize the magnetic intensity in coil.