GEG Sport Club

'Our Company believes that it has developed a nationwide reputation for its ability to acquire, develop and operate first-class sports and fitness facilities, and that such facilities are increasingly sought after by developers of premiere, multi-use projects. Consequently, there exist numerous opportunities to develop the Sports Club name and concept throughout the country and internationally and to develop the Spectrum Club name throughout Hong Kong & Nepal. The Company intends to continue to pursue those opportunities which maximize its earning potential.

Vision of Physical Education Unit

To be recognized for excellence in teaching and learning, coaching, promoting active participation in physical activities and sports, and leading to develop a very strong sports participation culture in Hong Kong & Nepal.


Mission of Physical Education Unit

To promote enthusiasm for and active participation in physical activities and sports by offering a variety of high quality courses, to provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for sports participation, to encourage a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the holistic health, fitness, and well-being of members of GEG as well as those in the wider Hong Kong and Nepal community.